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Dental Risk Company (Pty) Ltd is a managed health care organisation accredited at the Council of Medical Schemes that specialises in effective dental managed care. The company offers various services and solutions to medical schemes, administrators and other contracted parties in South Africa, with the main focus on quality care and cost containment.

Dental Risk Company (Pty) Ltd is black-owned, and the major shareholder is Pan African Health Care Consortium (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Pan African Capital Holdings (Pty) Ltd (
Dr F J De Bruin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dental Risk Company (Pty) Ltd. He is supported by a committed team with more than 80 years of collective experience in dental managed care.

Dental Risk Company (Pty) owns a 49% stake in Galnet Information Systems (Pty) Ltd, which supplies all IT solutions to Dental Risk Company. The customised dental system is robust and has been specifically designed for dental managed care. It caters for all needs in the dental environment. The system has the flexibility to integrate with any scheme’s system, and is currently integrated to more than 85% of the various administration systems available in South Africa.

Approximately 78% of all South African dental providers (1554 dental providers countrywide) are contracted to the Dental Risk Company Provider Network, which is used by various contracted medical schemes and managed care organisations as part of the company’s capitated dental managed care solution.

Dental Risk Company (Pty) currently offers various managed care services to Medical Schemes, involving approximately 350 000 beneficiaries.

The company is in principle supportive of equity based joint ventures in which underwriting profits resulting from capitation-based contracts are shared with funders based on sound risk sharing principles, ensuring a real and tangible contribution to scheme reserves and member premiums.

Dental Risk Company believes that its success will be characterised by its ability to ensure that clients derive the maximum benefit from the service that they purchase, and that skills within the organisation are developed to a level where it can truly be considered a global player in a local business context.

What makes Dental Risk Company different?

Dental Risk Company does not simply apply clinical protocols in assessing claims, forcing the rules down on providers and members alike.

The company profiles its providers and interacts with them to discuss and analyse anomalies so that it can update them about benefits, rules and protocols. Dental Risk Company has developed more than 1000 clinically acceptable protocols, which alone can realise a cost saving of at least 13% for schemes and their members. Providers are consulted either in person or via formal communication mechanisms to ensure that a healthy interactive relationship is established and preserved.

Dental Risk Company is willing to put its money where its mouth is by accepting risk or risk sharing arrangements with its clients.


Dental Risk Company aspires to be the leading Managed Dental Care Organisation in South Africa, delivering effective dental managed care services to the beneficiaries of Medical Schemes and other contracted parties.

By contributing to the ongoing profitability of dental service providers, we aspire to making good dental care accessible to the entire South African population.

Dental Risk Company provides mechanisms that support South Africa’s key dental professionals, offering them a business service that contributes significantly to their profitability and success. It is the company’s aim that its world-class service will discourage these dental professionals and therapists from taking their skills abroad.

The company will achieve this by building a sustainable and profitable business that focuses on relationships, service offerings, sound core competencies and continuing innovation. Dental Risk Company will reflect the makeup of the South African population, which will in turn give it an understanding of the needs of the country’s diverse people.

This insight will assist key providers to grow their businesses by applying sound and ethical economic principles.

Dental Risk Company’s strategy

In order to accomplish its vision of providing affordable dental care to all the people of South Africa, Dental Risk Company faces the challenge of finding a solution that meets the following goals:

  • Affordability.
  • Accessibility.
  • Quality service.
  • Needs of the population.
  • Sound business principles accepted by all role players.

The company’s strategy takes an integrated risk approach to addressing South Africa's rising need for affordable and accessible dental care for all people.


Dental Risk Company’s vision, strategic growth drivers and daily business operations are founded on and inspired by six shared values:

1. Customer focus: We meet customers’ needs by providing excellent service and support systems.
2. Winning with people: We respect and encourage individuals to grow as unique contributors to their teams. We reward performance, promote sharing and the harnessing of diversity.
3. Respect: We respect the values and beliefs of all individuals and businesses and strive to have excellent relationships across the spectrum.
4. Excellence in all we do: We pursue very high business and operating standards and superior performance within a framework of sound governance. We are committed to providing professional services to our clients, business partners and all other stakeholders.
5. Continuous improvement: Our innovative spirit drives us as we continuously improve our performance.
6. Integrity: We maintain the highest level of ethics, transparency, honesty and accountability in our interaction with each other, our customers and all other stakeholders.

Strategic growth plan

Dental Risk Company aggressively seeks and recruits employees who have the potential to become experts in customer services and to fit into its demographic standards.

Dental Risk Company actively develops managerial skills among its employees through effective skills transfer programs.

Dental Risk Company continues to develop relationships with all role players in the industry, and form alliances with identified parties to the benefit of its clients.

Dental Risk Company continues to develop competencies in a number of leading customer services while identifying opportunities to develop new products.

Shareholding and directors

There are 1000 issued shares in the Dental Risk Company, which are distributed as follows:

Dr F J De Bruin  
Pan African Holdings (Pty) Ltd  
Smitkop Trust  
Directors of Dental Risk Company  
Dr FJ De Bruin Chief Executive Officer
Dr Z Kubukeli Non Executive Director
Dr TSL Sizani Executive Director
Mr MGL Dlamini Non Executive Director

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