Corporate profile


Dental Risk Company (Pty) Ltd is 100% owned by Pan African Managed Care(Pty) Ltd of which the major shareholder is Pan African Health Care Consortium (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Pan African Capital Holdings (Pty) Ltd (

Dental Risk Company (Pty) is supported by Galnet Information Systems (Pty) Ltd which supplies all IT solutions to Dental Risk Company. Galnet Information Systems (Pty) Ltd is also a 100% subsidiary of Pan African Managed Care (Pty) Ltd. The customised dental system is robust and has been specifically designed for dental managed care. It caters for all needs in the dental environment. The system has the flexibility to integrate with any scheme’s administration system in South Africa.

Our Vision & Mission statement

By contributing to the ongoing profitability of dental service providers, we aspire to making good dental care accessible to the entire South African population. Dental Risk Company provides mechanisms that support South Africa’s key dental professionals, offering them a business service that contributes significantly to their profitability and success.

DRC’s Values and Culture

Dental Risk Company has been well known for having a credible history of administration and strong client relationships. We respect the values and beliefs of all individuals and businesses and strive to have excellent relationships across the spectrum. In terms of our customer focus, we meet customers’ needs by providing excellent service and support systems. DRC pursues very high business and operating standards and superior performance within a framework of sound governance. We are committed to providing professional services to our clients, business partners and all other stakeholders.

Dental Risk Company’s strategy

In order to accomplish its vision of providing affordable dental care to all the people of South Africa, Dental Risk Company faces the challenge of finding a solution that meets the following goals:

  • Affordability.
  • Accessibility.
  • Quality service.
  • Needs of the population.
  • Sound business principles accepted by all role players.

The company’s strategy takes an integrated risk approach to addressing South Africa's rising need for affordable and accessible dental care for all people.


Dr Z Kubukeli
Dr F J De Bruin
Mr TN Van Der Walt
Mr B De Lange
Dr I Abedian
Mrs M Nhlumayo

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