Self-Service Portals

Provider Portal

This portal is used by our network providers and can also be used by non-network providers (with limited access to certain functions). The provider portal gives providers the ability to do member eligibility checks, view authorisation and claim statuses and lastly to download remittances. By using the provider portal providers can assist a member immediately by doing all the necessary confirmations via the portal without contacting our call centre first.

Should you require your login details, email with your name and 7 digit practice number as your subject or if you require technical support, contact our team at

Click here to go to the provider portal.

Voucher Partners

DRC is proud to announce its partnership with MediVouch, which we will be launching in the near future. Spend less time chasing payments and more time delivering quality patient care. See the instructional video below:

Client Portal

This portal is used by our clients for whom we administer claims. The client portal gives our clients the ability to capture claims, submit payment runs and lastly to view and adjust/reject claims. By using this portal we save a lot of time and our client can also in return provide a speedier service to their members since there is no need to call our call centre to confirm claims statuses etc. everything can be done directly on the portal.

Click here to go to the client portal.

Bureau Portal

This portal is used by bureaus that are registered on our system. This bureau portal gives bureaus the ability to view all the claims of providers that are linked to them on our system, they can also download remittances for these claims. The portal also provides them with a screen that lists all the providers linked to them on our system.

Click here to go to the bureau portal.