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Skeletal Class II Malocclusionexplained: A skeletal class II is characterised by amore prominent maxillary jaw than itsmandibular counterpart.
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Patient instructions for Covid-19
The following are the steps recommended by the South African Dental Association to be followed by patients
prior to visiting their Dentist during this Covid-19 pandemic era: Before you visit the dentist, we ask that you follow these procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of your dentist and those around you.
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Teeth Sensitivity
Pain and discomfort in teeth caused by cold, heat or percussion.
It can be atemporary problem or chronic and it can be localized
(affecting one tooth) orgeneralized (affecting 3 or more teeth).
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Early Childhood Caries
What is Early Childhood Caries (ECC) ?
One or more decayed teeth in children, normally the decay is located on the cervical neck of the tooth.
It is mainly observed in children under the age of seven. The active microorganism is streptococcus mutans.
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Wisdom Teeth
At the age of 17 – 21 years there are new teeththat erupt in the mouth and are referred towisdom teeth.
These are located at the back ofthe mouth as they are the last 4 teeth to erupt.
They are also referred to as third molars.
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Challenges That Dental Practitioners Faced During The COVID19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 virus breakout resulted in the closing ofmany businesses
including dental practices. Like anyother person, dental practitioners did not
anticipate thepandemic lasting for a full year.
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