How do I become a Network Provider

Become a part of our Network – here’s how

Dental Risk Company manages the dental risk for more than 1 100 000 members of various South African medical aids, who are compelled to use dental service providers that are part of the company’s Network through agreements between ourselves and the medical schemes.

How will Dental Risk Company help you, a Network provider?

  • We will pay all covered and valid claims within 30 days of receiving them.
  • We will keep our Network providers up to date with changes to protocols and benefits.
  • We will send all Network providers an updated operational manual each year.
  • All Network providers will have access to our call centre that can provide instant verification of a patient’s status and available benefits.
  • We guarantee that all basic dentistry claims that are according to benefits and protocols will be paid, provided that the member’s status has been verified.

What do you need to do to be a member of our Network?

  • You should charge the current Scheme tariffs, or those tariffs that are in our operations manual.
  • You and your staff need to understand the benefits offered for each scheme, as shown in our operations manual that will be sent to you each year.
  • Contact the DRC call centre for benefit confirmation and other detail verification
  • If you are going to do a procedure that is not covered by the member’s scheme, you need to commit to discussing this with the member(s) before you proceed.
  • We can assist you with guidelines for this discussion to ensure that it takes place – if the client can prove that the cost implications for procedures that are not covered were not discussed, the cost of the procedures will have to be written off.

If you want to be recommended to more than 1 100 000 medical scheme patients, and be guaranteed of payment for your services within 30 days of completing them, then sign up to be a Network Provider now. Please read and sign our memorandum of understanding <download here> , and tell us all about yourself. The following supporting documents is required to complete the registration, please complete the bank detail form <download here> and forward back with the MOU. Submit your PCNS information sheet, copy of your ID and a copy of your bank confirmation letter to or 086 687 1285.