Root Canal Treatment

Root canal image
Root canal treatment is a dental procedure performed to repair or save a tooth that is heavily decayed (rotten). The procedure can be done by a Dentist or an Endodontist.
  1. Severe toothache upon chewing or application of pressure.
  2. Prolonged sensitivity (pain) to hot or cold temperatures (after the heat or cold has been removed).
  3. Discoloration (darkening) of the tooth.
  4. Swelling and tenderness in nearby gums.
  5. A persistent or recurring pimple(abscess) on the gums.
Sometimes no symptoms are present.
  • Root canal treatment procedure.
  • An x-ray is taken to assess the tooth and measure the canals.
  • The tooth is anaesthetised ,this depends on the treating Dr as others do not anaesthetise as the tooth is already considered “dead”.
  • The tooth is drilled and the nerves (pulp) and bacteria are removed .Sodium hypochlorite is used to periodically clean the canal.
  • Once the tooth is cleaned, a temporary filling is placed on the tooth and the patient is recalled after a week.
  • During the next appointment, the tooth is irrigated with sodium hypochlorite to clean the tooth again before sealing it with a gutta percha material.
  • A permanent restoration material is then placed on the tooth to restore it back to function and shape.
  • The Dr will then recall a patient after several weeks for a post & core and crown.

Root canal image

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